Discover the Thrill of Skydiving in Seychelles – Birds of Paradise III

September 29th – October 5th 2024 | Maximum Participants: 25 thrill-seekers
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2024/09/29 08:00:57

Birds of Paradise Boogie III

Join us for the Birds of Paradise III Edition, an exclusive 7-day skydiving retreat set against the stunning backdrop of Seychelles’ Bird Island.

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime as you freefall above crystal-clear waters, verdant tropical forests, and pristine beaches. The panoramic views are unmatched, offering an exhilarating perspective of Seychelles’ natural beauty.

But there’s more to this retreat than just skydiving. Immerse yourself in the wonders of Seychelles, from nightly bonfires and vibrant parties to snorkeling in the crystalline waters, trekking through lush rainforests, and unwinding on serene beaches.

Led by top-notch instructors renowned in the skydiving community, our retreat guarantees a seamless experience. Feel confident and comfortable as you prepare to take the leap into the sky. Limited to an intimate group of twenty five(25) participants to ensure personalized attention and a tailored adventure for each participant.

Secure your spot now for this unparalleled skydiving escapade!

Event Check In Details

Fly Seychelles Skydiving Center

The event Check in date is on September 29th,2024 at Fly Seychelles Skydiving Center inside Hotel Cote D’or Praslin Island from 8 AM – NOON.

Be sure to arrive in time to go through the check in process after which the adventure begins!

If you encounter any issues finding our location you can always call or WhatsApp us at this number:

+248 2 639 300

Travel Logistics For International Arrivals

Arrival Destination: The initial island you need to arrive is Mahe (Victoria)Seychelles. The airport call sign is SEZ. A lot of European countries have direct flights to Seychelles. If coming from the USA, you can connect through Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Doha!

Communication: We advise that you get yourself a SIM CARD at the airport for ease of communication. You’ll be glad you have it.

Money Exchange: You will also need some Seychelles Rupees. You can do this at the airport at a rate of approximately 1 Euro for 15 Seychelles Rupees.

Once you land in Mahe you will need to get a transfer to Praslin where the registration reception is located. Several Options are available.

map of seychelles

Option 1

You can book a private charter boat or airplane ride with us by contacting us in advance either by phone, email or through our contact form below. For those who opt for options 2 and 3, we also offer rides from the Cat Coco Station and/or the airport at Praslin for a small fee.

Option 2

Cat Cocos, the leading ferry operator in Seychelles offers daily back-and-forth transfers between Mahe and Praslin islands. Be sure to book in advance as they get full pretty quickly. We offer rides from the Praslin station to our center at a small fee..

Option 3

You can book a plane flight with Air Seychelles that will bring you over to Praslin to Your destination of Skydive. The flight is approximately 20 minutes each way. We advise that you book a one-way ticket and then make a reservation for your return. Link below.

What To Expect

12 Multi Island Jumps

12 breathtaking skydives across La Digue, Fregate, Mahe & Praslin Islands.


Accommodation for 6 nights at the beautiful Cote D’or Lodge. Breakfast & dinner included in the pricing.

Bonfires and Bonus Fun Activities

While in Seychelles you can enjoy snorkeling, diving, beachcombing, hiking, wildlife watching, island hopping, and soaking up the amazing tropical scenery. Alternatively, you can take part in any one of our extreme watersports activities available at the drop zone.

bird island skydiving boogie 2022 particicpants enjoying an evening swim in Seychelles

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