Gabor Viczko at Fly Seychelles

Gabor Viczko (Cyborg)

Gabor Viczko, known as Cyborg, was born in September 1972 in Budapest, Hungary. Seeking greater opportunities, he moved to the United States at 18, following in his father’s footsteps. Settling in Greenville, SC, he worked as a chef at various country and city clubs.

Gabor’s skydiving journey began with a tandem jump that left him eager for more. The very next day, he signed up for solo skydiving lessons, funding his new passion by packing parachutes. His career then took him to Las Vegas, where he worked as a chef in high-end hotels and restaurants while skydiving whenever he could.

After starting his own business, marrying, and having two children, Gabor took a break from skydiving to focus on his family. However, the sport was never far from his mind. Once his children were old enough, he returned to skydiving and began traveling to events worldwide.

Now, with over 2,000 skydives and a love for freeflying, Gabor continues to enjoy the sport, sharing his passion with friends around the globe.

Francesco Drosi

In memory of Seychellois Francesco Drosi, who was born in Genova, Italy, and began his skydiving journey in 1986 while serving in the Italian military. In 1996, he moved to Seychelles and became a citizen in 2000. Throughout his life, Francesco skydived across the globe, including in Kenya, Namibia, Thailand, Europe, and the USA, completing over 500 jumps and spending several hours in wind tunnels.

On a skydiving trip to Kenya, Francesco met Gabor, and they quickly became friends. Francesco shared his dream of spreading his love for skydiving in the Seychelles. Together, they transformed his passion and vision into reality. As fate would have it, Francesco passed away on May 25th 2024, but his spirit and legacy continue to inspire the skydiving community he so deeply loved.