The Innhopp Project Skydiving - Seychelles: The Coral Atoll Islands

April 10th – 16th 2024. Maximum Participants – 24

Seychelles Innhopp Coral Atoll Islands 2024 Event Poster


Join us for an adrenaline-charged experience like no other, courtesy of The Innhopp Project in collaboration with Fly Seychelles. Founded by the visionary Even Rokne, this project was born from the thrill of transforming routine skydiving into awe-inspiring adventures.

Since the 1990s, the Innhopp Project has been redefining the skydiving landscape, venturing beyond the ordinary to create extraordinary moments. From Norway’s majestic mountains and fjords to the untouched landscapes of Namibia, Seychelles, and Slovenia, our events have set the stage for heart-pounding jumps and unforgettable emotions.

With over 600 participants and 7,600 jumps across 400 locations, The Innhopp Project is back for the fourth time in Seychelles with Fly Seychelles. This time, it’s the Coral Atoll Islands Skydiving Experience, where we revisit our favorite spots in chapter 1 and pioneer into uncharted territories of the outer islands in Chapter 2, 300km from Mahé.

An all-inclusive skydiving experience, exploring nine of the stunning tropical Seychelles islands by jumping into them. Indulge in African culture, explore endemic flora and fauna, deepen connections with fellow Innhopp family members far from the crowds as you dive into an experience tailored for thrill-seekers, explorers, and those hungry for unique adventures.


skydivers standing at dropzone around an instructor who is going over safety measures


  • Skydiver Sharing: 4,600 Euros
  • Non skydiver Sharing: 3,800 Euros

Single room upgrade first 3 nights is additional 450 Euros per person.

Innhopp Family Discount: Get 1% off for each Innhopp event you have attended, or if you are a member of Skydive Voss, or you participated on the Innhopps during Adventure Boogie (1%=€46/€38).


  • 15 thrilling jumps across 14 stunning locations across 9 islands.
  • All-inclusive accommodation.
  • Delectable meals (3 per day, drinks excluded).
  • Seamless ground and boat transportation.

Get ready to soar, dive, and conquer the Seychelles skies. Book your spot below.

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