Colors Of Seychelles Skydiving Boogie 2023

A Skydiving Experience Of A Lifetime

After our very first successful boogie in 2022, Fly Seychelles, in collaboration with its partners and associates is proud to present  the second edition of ‘Colors of Seychelles Skydiving Boogie 2023’ this coming March. Fully jam packed with exciting jumps on multiple islands, amazing cultural experiences and nightlife; this boogie is set to be even more epic than any other we’ve ever held before. After all, we are only getting better at hosting. So get your adventure on and lets meet up in Seychelles March 2023 for another week of unforgettable moments with  friends and loved ones.

Multi Island Jumps
La Digue
Fregate Island

15 Jumps Total

Max participants: 30 people
Required minimum jumps: 200
Flotation device is a must!
PCR test not required if U have been vaccinated but it has to be a fresh vaccination.

Travel Logistics

Arrival Destination: The initial island you need to arrive in Mahe (Victoria)Seychelles. The airport call sign is SEZ. A lot of European countries have direct flights to Seychelles. If coming from the USA, you can connect through Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha!

Communication: We advise that you get yourself a SIM CARD at the airport for ease of communication. You’ll be glad you have it.

Money Exchange: You will also need some Seychelles Rupees. You can do this at the airport at a rate of approximately 1 Euro for 15 Seychelles Rupees.

Once you land in Mahe you will need to get a transfer to Praslin where the registration reception is located. Several Options are available

Option 1

You can book a private charter boat or airplane ride with us by contacting us in advance either by phone, email, or through our contact form below. For those who opt for options 2 and 3, we also offer rides from the Cat Coco Station and/or airport at Praslin for a small fee.

Option 2

You can opt to use Cat Cocos, the leading ferry operator in Seychelles which offers daily back and forth transfers between Mahe and Praslin islands. Be sure to book in advance as they get full pretty quick. You also will need a taxi to get to the registration location upon arriving Praslin.

Option 3

You can book a plane flight with Airseychelles that will bring you over to Praslin to Your destination of Skydive. The flight is approximately 20 minutes each way.  We advise that you book a one-way ticket and then make a reservation for your return. Link below.

What You Need Before Arriving

PCR Test

In order to keep everyone safe during this event we require that every participant gets a PCR test at least 72 hours before arriving at the boogie. Exemptions exist for fully vaccinated individuals. Please check the Seychelles Government Advisory page for the exact specifications to determine whether you need one or not. The price for the test is not included in our package.

Travel Authorization

The government of Seychelles has a mandatory Travel Authorization that each arriving guest must complete. We advise that you do it at least two days before your travel. It costs about 10 Euros and takes about 6 hours to process. Without this, you will not be allowed entry and will be turned around at the airport. All the instructions, requirements, and fees are listed on their official website.

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